Upgraded Beta Version of Plasma

The new beta version of BANKEX Plasma, announced by the BANKEX Foundation in April 2018, is a final step before the public release on the main Ethereum Network. The new beta version of Plasma is open for testing on the Rinkeby network. A set of APIs is ready for developers and the architecture of the implementation will not undergo any significant modification before its release on the main Ethereum Network.

Improvements on the Original Version

  • BANKEX proprietary architecture has been separated from the monolith system to form a distinct micro-service based system
  • Each component follows a single responsibility principle and can be upgraded separately without downtime for the entire system
  • Better code quality offers the possibility of code reuse between client and server-side software
  • Faster work on extensions (see BANKEX Plasma 1.5) for token transfers with benefits of the Plasma Cash specification
  • Smart-contracts for all incidents of dispute resolution have been integrated and will be undergo rigorous testing in this this beta version
  • The development of client software for full verification of transaction histories and straightforward dispute resolution processes is underway and nearing completion
  • Based on BANKEX Foundation presentation at the ETHDenver hackathon, the groundwork has been laid for confidential transactions similar to zCash and Monero

“Plasma, when merged with recent developments in cryptography, such as utilization of zkSnarks, is the right way to scale public blockchains,” says BANKEX Foundation Development Leader Alex Vlasov.

The BANKEX Team is encouraging developers from all over the world to test the upgraded beta version of BANKEX Plasma and send us your feedback: [email protected]

The next step for BANKEX in developing Plasma will be a working public release, expected in June 2018.

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