1. Sign up with Metmask

You can find all necessary information on the site:

2. Buy Vote Token or...

To become a decision maker you need to buy Vote Token!

The first step to become a decision maker is buying the Vote Tokens. One Vote Token provides you an opportunity to make a decision during the voting process and vote for applicant or respondent.

3. ... get free one!

During bounty program you will have the opportunity to get 3 free voting tokens. You will be able to get up to 20 BKX for each vote, depending on a Court Fee and on the amount of arbitrators who vote for the final decision.

To get free voting tokens you will need to have ETH for gas (transaction fee in Ethereum network). But for your convenience BANKEX made bounty program that can compensate for your gas costs.

To see the current load of Ethereum network and SafeLow cost for transaction, you can use:


3. Complete transaction via MetaMask

After you follow all instructions and the network make a transfer of tokens, the number of vote tokens will be updated automatically.

4. Choose a case to solve and vote

5. Get your BKX for voting!

Reward will be sent automatically to your wallet after a case is done

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