An authorized user can create a new case, describing all the reasons of the claim.
Clicking the Start New Case (2) button on My Cases (1) page brings user to Case creation.

Start New Case page is opened. All the fields are mandatory to fill in:

(1) Case Name - the unique ID of the case, it is filled in automatically

(2) Decision Maker’s Award, BKX - the award in BKX for all the decision makers which will be divided between those who voted in majority
(3) Amount of Claim on Respondent, USD - the deal amount in USD which applicant claim from respondent
(4) Trust Link - link to the deal created in the Trust Service

(5) Applicant’s Wallet Address - the applicant’s wallet address is filled in automatically

(6) Respondent’s Wallet Address - the respondent’s wallet address
(7) Claim - short description of the claim

(8) Start New Case - button to initialize the case creation

(9) Cancel - button to cancel case creation.

To be on the same page with ongoing processes, please read an overlay page (1) and then confirm the case creation transactions via Metamask (2).

Once all the transactions are confirmed the case creation is finished.

The service assigns the decision makers to the case automatically.

Upon the case creation applicant, respondent and all the decision makers will be notified.

Respondent will be able to provide his comments for the claim before voting period will be started. To do that he should go to the “My Cases” page (1) and open the case details in the “Respondent” panel (2) as shown on the picture below

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