1. Go to "My Resolutions" page

User assigned to the case as a decision maker votes for applicant or respondent. Please note that the voting time is limited.
Please go to the “My Resolutions” (1) page where the “Open Cases” (2) panel contains all the cases available for voting.

2. Click the “Make a Decision” button

Click the “Make a Decision” (3) button to open the case details.

3. Read the terms of dispute

All information about dispute you can find via BANKEX Trust link and on Claim and Respondent line

4. Vote

Decision maker can vote for Applicant (1) or Respondent (2) using the buttons in the bottom of the page.
Once the voting period is over, the voting results are collected, analyzed and the judgment decision become visible to all the users. Note, it can take a while.
If there were enough votes to make a judgment, the winner name will be published and decision makers will be awarded for the completed case.

5. Repeat!

After that the case will be marked as closed and will be available on the “Home” (1) page, in the “Recent Cases” panel.
If the case cannot be closed successfully for a some reason, it will be marked as canceled. 

All the participants will get notification about results.

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