The pilot project in Kenya, launched at the beginning of June this year, will verify the efficiency of WaterCoins as a vehicle for direct charity. If successful, new WaterCoins will be issued or previously issued WaterCoins diluted for use with new public access clean water systems installed in other towns and villages. All the information about the purchase, donation, and redemption of WaterCoins will be stored on blockchain for transparency and analysis needed for more accurate planning, allocation and cost reduction for development of local clean drinking water systems.
Each contributor will be able to see how funds are spent, inspiring trust in the system and repeat donations to move the development forward.

Whole distribution system is transparent. On Watercoin website  you can find:

  1. The location of certain water dispenser
  2. Total amount of dispensed water
  3. Certificate of Water Quality Control
  4. Live stream record of the first day of water distribution

And much more!

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