BANKEX Bounty Service is the first turnkey service to automate and structure bounty
and airdrop campaigns, making the entire process transparent and accessible for both bounty organizers and hunters. With the best-in-class design and a user-friendly interface,
the platform reduces the costs of bounty and airdrop campaigns by up to 50%.

After you register on the website as a Bounty Organizer and confirm your account by email, you are all set to launch your first aidrop or bounty using the platform!

Let’s take a look.

1. Сreate a Program

1.1. The first thing you’ll see when you sign in is a list of all currently active bounty programs. You can either simply duplicate one of them or click ‘new program’ to start creating yours from scratch.

1.2. Now, it’s time to come up with a program name and details, then outline the rules and conditions for bounty hunters.

1.3. Program details.

Here you give a name to your program, define the start and end dates, reward distribution and validation dates, a minimal stake value (the least possible reward in tokens for 1 stake), and the total reward. For ‘Token Address’ put your token/coin contract address. The reward currency will be identified automatically.

1.4. Add description.

There are several different fonts and styles to choose from to make your bounty description structurally and visually captivating.

1.5. Add conditions.

What requirements must the hunters meet to get a reward from you? Describe an idea for your upcoming project, find bugs, or simply retweet your latest post — it can be anything. As you can see on the picture, there are different ways users can verify their entries. Choose the most appropriate for your case.

If you have several requirements, please make sure you add them separately and assign value for each.

1.6. Now you’re almost ready! Check that everything is correct and click ‘save program’ to proceed to the next stage.

2. Allocate Budget and Publish

2.1. In this stage you must allocate program budget. You will need to send the total reward and a certain amount of ETH for handling distribution (the amount of ETH is always based on the reward) to the wallet that we’ve generated for your program.

As soon as the transactions go through, you will be able to publish your program.

Please note: you won’t be able to change anything except for the description after publishing. Make sure that everything is correct before pressing the ‘publish the program’ button.

3. Announce & Promote

3.1. After your bounty is activated, the orange label will change from ‘Created’ to ‘Live’. Share the public link with your community and wait for the hunters to start sending in their entries. You will find all submitted entries in the Pending list.

4. Validate Results

4.1. Click the little arrow on the right to see the entry summary. When a link or description is available for review, you can either approve or reject this entry.

All the approved entries will appear in green, and rejected in red. Entries can also be marked invalid if suspicious activities/spam/errors take place. Remember that at this stage you can still change statuses however you want.

5. Distribute the Rewards

5.1. When you finish reviewing, go ahead and click ‘distribute rewards’ to start the final distribution.

In the confirmation window, you will see how your budget has been split between the participants. Click ‘confirm’ to proceed.

5.2. Distribution.

It usually takes around 20 minutes for rewards to reach the prizewinners’ wallets.

Click the arrow on the right to find the transaction hash.

If you click the little clip icon beneath a TxHash, it will take you directly to BANKEX Scan. Here you can check the status of the transaction.

And that’s a wrap!

Take Care!

If you ever experience any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact our free live customer support. We are always here to give you a hand!

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