The rising popularity of the multiple ICO has led to the creation of the new form of marketing. Anyone who understands English and is able to communicate in it on the Internet without difficulty can earn tokens of a company that runs ICO. The most important thing for the participants is that they do not need to invest their own money. People called it a “bounty campaign.” As a company, which has already closed its Token Sale, we know a lot about bounty campaigns, especially the problems faced by both the participants and the admins. The power of blockchain, BANKEX experience and the talent of the tech team led to the creation of the GainX.

GainX was originally developed for our own company. Now it will soon be available to others who are interested. BANKEX Bounty Service record all the posts made by users to the blockchain. The ‘power’ of blockchain excludes cheating or trickery from the participants of bounty campaign. Meanwhile, none of the posts from users will be lost or not counted.

GainX is created for ICO-campaigns, ICO-managers, and everyone, who uses bounty campaigns as a marketing tool. Our Service solves the problems of traditional ‘bounty’. We exclude the human factor/errors. The distribution of stakes is fast and programmed in the Service. The deals, recorded on the blockchain, are now open and transparent. It will prevent the misunderstandings between participants and managers of bounty campaigns.

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