We  have several groups of products, and therefore several groups of  competitors.  Indirectly our competitors are Ripple and Bancor.  
Like Ripple, we plan to work and are already working with banks. However,  unlike Ripple, we focus on the creation of various blockchain-based solutions (such as the already functioning FinDostavka project) rather than just cheap  transactions.  
Bancor, like us, is building a platform for placement of other tokens. But  we focus only on the tokenization of assets and subsequent trade of the  resulting tokens on our platform.  
In general on the market there are transactional services, protocol services  and asset converters. But there is no unifying service.  
From the standpoint  of classic competition, we are competing with various fiat derivatives, which  are currently mostly being traded outside the stock exchange. Such as Nasdaq,  JP Morgan. Our advantage in this field is that we are not affiliated with any  particular banking group.  
Finally, most of the things listed above are not exactly a competition,  since we are working in the area of true blockchain. This is community, and  they are our friends and partners. It is likely that we will work together  with many of them.   

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